These leading press release distribution services are widely used by businesses, organizations, and individuals to distribute news and announcements to media outlets, journalists, and online platforms.

Please note that the landscape of press release distribution services may have evolved since then, but here are some prominent ones that were well-known at that time:

PR Newswire

PR Newswire is one of the largest and most recognized press release distribution services, offering wide distribution to media outlets, websites, and news aggregators.

Business Wire

Business Wire is a reputable press release distribution service that specializes in distributing news related to businesses, financial markets, and industries.


GlobeNewswire is known for its distribution of press releases related to public companies and the financial sector. It is often used by organizations listed on stock exchanges.

Cision PR Newswire

Cision offers press release distribution services through its PR Newswire platform. It provides comprehensive distribution options and analytics for tracking press release performance.


Marketwired, now part of Cision, specializes in press release distribution services for companies in various industries, including technology, healthcare, and finance.


PRWeb is a press release distribution service owned by Cision that caters to small and medium-sized businesses. It offers both national and regional distribution options.


eReleases focuses on providing affordable press release distribution services to businesses and organizations. They offer distribution to a network of journalists and media outlets.


Newswire offers press release distribution services with an emphasis on targeting industry-specific and trade publications, as well as mainstream media.

PR Underground

PR Underground offers budget-friendly press release distribution with distribution to Google News and inclusion in social media networks.

24-7 Press Release Newswire

24-7 Press Release Newswire provides press release distribution services with options for including multimedia elements like images and videos in press releases.


PRLeap offers press release distribution to major search engines, news sites, and social media platforms. They also provide tools for optimizing press releases for search engines.

PR Fire

PR Fire is a UK-based press release distribution service that offers both free and paid distribution options to a wide range of media outlets.

Please keep in mind that the press release distribution industry is dynamic, and the popularity and features of these services may change.

It’s essential to research and evaluate the current offerings and pricing of press release distribution services to determine which one best suits your specific needs.

Additionally, consider your target audience and goals when selecting a press release distribution service.